Milkman Last Mile Platform Available on SAP® Store is Now Part of SAP’s Industry Cloud Portfolio

The AI-powered platform delivers innovative, vertical solutions to drive first and last-mile cost-effective transformation for the transportation, public sector and retail industries

Milkman Technologies announced today that its Last Mile Platform already available on the SAP® Store site is now part of SAP’s industry cloud portfolio for the transportation, retail and public sector industries.

The Milkman Last Mile Platform leverages integration capabilities of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to integrate with SAP S/4HANA, SAP Transportation Management and SAP Commerce Cloud using SAP Integration Suite to deliver first and last-mile delivery automation and optimization to customers as part of SAP’s industry cloud portfolio for transportation, retail and public sector industries.

“Transportation (specifically Courier, Express and Parcel organizations), public sector (specifically postal organizations) and retail industries each have different needs and requirements. With our key insights and knowledge, we are in a unique position to help customers in these industries achieve their business goals by transforming first and last-mile processes and by being part of the SAP Industry Cloud Portfolio we are strengthening our collaboration with SAP to deliver high-value, vertical solutions to help businesses adapt and succeed.”

Core customer benefits for transportation (specifically courier, express and parcel organizations) and public sector (specifically postal organizations) include:

  • Immediate access, control and analysis of first and last-mile costs, with break down into different shippers, individual orders and operations.
  • Digitization and optimization of all first and last mile operations, ensuring maximum use of resources can lead to up to 22% reduction in vehicles used.
  • Reduction of miles driven with optimized dynamic route planning and smart fleet allocation can lead to up to 25% reduction in first and last mile transportation costs.

Core customer benefits for the retail industry include:

  • Flexible checkout delivery options optimized for areas and customer preferences can dramatically reduce failed attempts and costs per delivery, leading to a 6% increase in first-attempt success rate.
  • Exceptional customer experience: increase customer satisfaction and reduce WISMO (Where Is My Order) calls by providing the perfect delivery experience with live package tracking, scheduling and rescheduling options, two-way communications and delivery notifications that can lead to up to 42% increase in recipient satisfaction score.
  • Milkman demand shaping and delivery promise enables intelligent appointment taking based on residual fleet capacity, geo-position, type of goods and more. Easily integrated at e-commerce checkout via APIs to shape the delivery demand with the most convenient time slot for both recipient and business.

To enable companies to become intelligent enterprises, SAP is expanding its vertical solutions with an ecosystem of industry cloud solutions. The solutions leverage SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), with advanced technologies, and are interoperable with SAP’s intelligent suite. Milkman Technologies is working with SAP to create offerings that meet specific, transportation, public sector and retail industry requirements to provide customers with tools to help achieve positive business outcomes.

Learn more at SAP Store.

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