Control Tower

Customer Service Personnel, Fleet Managers and Operation Managers can monitor and control the order journey from intake, to dispatch to last mile delivery with complete visibility over the fleet, its utilisation and performance.

Active control and management of your KPIs

The whole execution process gets evaluated according to set KPIs. The Digital Control Tower tracks vehicle saturation, orders distribution and frequency, drivers performances, Kms driven, CO2 footprint and customer satisfaction to configure the most profitable business model. This level of control can:

  • Boost operations’ capacity
  • Increase profitability
  • Eliminate faults in the resources allocation

Finer visibility of the delivery steps

The Digital Control Tower gives a clear overview of all active Logistics Operations, all predicted and used resources and assets needed, with full visibility of the whole distribution network and its usage. The delivery process is managed with:

  • Smart, delivery services with real-time adjustments
  • Automated vehicle allocations
  • Intelligent Planning and execution of drop offs and pick ups

An accurate knowledge of customers data (GDPR guaranteed)

All recipients data from addresses to preferences are stored and used following GDPR guidelines. The data collected are available and useful to control and adapt delivery routes according to monitored and managed expectations.

Definition for the Whole Distribution Network

Configure resources needed and related assets’ capacity on optimised routes to create an intelligent distribution network that can maximise profitability and minimise costs.

Seamless planning and execution

Manage and instruct your fleets and drivers with overall control of the distribution network and dispatch plan for:

Have the capability to make plans and reviews based on information collected on route and the intelligent workflow reports.


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