Delivery Platform

Optimize delivery logistics through a cloud base software solution  that empowers Logistics and Retail organizations to increase revenues and profitability thanks to convenient, cost-effective, and sustainable delivery options.

Exceed recipient expectations

With an interactive last mile home delivery strategy, you can modulate the service level and address the most demanding requests with very precise appointments at a low cost reducing mileage, CO2 emissions, and environmental impact.

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Plan your supply chain processes

Schedule resources considering relevant criteria such as postal codes, service level per area, required skills per order, resource load capacity, and costs.

CTA Control Tower
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Automate your logistic operations

Leverage tools and processes to facilitate sorting and cross-docking operations, minimizing operational costs and allowing depot workers to perform successfully.

CTA Depot App

Manage the on-the-road activities

Monitor total mileage and list all deliveries organized by drop-offs and pick-ups orders, leveraging granularity of the execution path to drivers and providing updates to the recipients with time of arrival and proving delivery through signature and photo options.

CTA Driver App
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Boost your profit margins

Monitor your cost-to-serve per each customer and territory by leveraging data collection.

CTA Intelligence

Digitise Data

Collect very granular data and run analytics to support process optimization.

CTA Machine Learning

Track and Update

Full visibility over the order delivery process both to operation managers and recipients, enabling options for rescheduling. Allow ratings collection and feedback after each delivery.


Delivery Platform

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