Continuos Intelligence

Full reporting, statistics, average data with easy to read tables and information about all aspects of the operations from fleet to driver performance checked against schedule and SLAs.

Check how Operations are performing

An accurate overview of all the orders that gives data on average orders executed against orders planned will allow adjustment on the service time. Granular information on capacity and vehicles’ usage, orders per route, drivers’ time and service time will contribute to a reduction on failed deliveries and to an increase on success rates.

Easily find the
origin of issues

Where are the faults coming from? Is a delay in depot operations effecting the deliveries? Or is it down to the driver? Distribution insights will allow you to collect all the right information to check and understand where things are going wrong during the distribution process all the way down to single fleet level.

Finetune the Delivery Platform

A flexible and adaptable platform can detect faults and issues and adjust the set parameters depending on the data collected. Whether is to change service time, territory splits or drivers routes, the tuning can be immediate and changes rectified according to the deliveries’ needs.

Continuos Intelligence

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