Driver Execution

Achieve precise logistics deliveries giving your delivery drivers with an user-friendly mobile application that offers comprehensive delivery insights and crucial information on timings, mileage, addresses, and recipients for every delivery and pick-up. It allows them to execute the deliveries following schedule and maximising first attempt success rate.

Fast Packages Load

The shipping software for drivers configures deliveries and collections scenarios with all packages data available on one screen with scheduled and additional pickups through planned routes, notes on future deliveries and on the fly exception management. All depot operations are configured through the Depot Automation and reflected on the drivers schedule for packages load, deliveries and collections. 

Always On Tracked Navigation

Calculate and offer real time information thanks to optimised route that take into consideration real service time. The mobile friendly application for drivers includes all recipients requirements and environmental impact data for best delivery route optimization.

Add Pick-ups on Route

Guide your drivers’ every step of the delivery route, regularly update them with on route notifications, additional pickups, keep them informed with packages information, reminders for ID checks and proof of delivery.

Take advantage of all collected data

Historical data collection on route, data analytics, feedback and ratings will provide your team and your drivers with precise drop off information, performance evaluation and accurate recipient’s preferences for their last mile deliveries.

Exceptions​​ Management for delivery drivers

The driver can report detailed failure reasons, share proof of attempts and communicate to the recipients giving order status updates for any exception encountered. All the data collected by the drivers both on the road and about recipients will be stored and elaborated through the Control Tower capabilities.


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