Partnership with SAP

Milkman Technologies became an SAP partner in 2022, forming part of the SAP.iO foundry program. Our solution is now featured in the SAP Store, the online marketplace to support the market adoption of new innovative solutions. We have then strengthened our partnership by entering the Rising Stars Program. Our latest news… we are winners of the SAP Innovation Awards!

About SAP.iO and the Rising Stars Program

SAP.iO delivers new partnerships and products for SAP by accelerating and scaling startup innovation. Since 2017, SAP.iO has helped 400+ external startups and internal ventures accelerate their growth while enabling thousands of SAP customers to access innovation. For more information, visit

Thanks to our solution’s innovation and capabilities for synergy with SAP, Milkman Technologies advanced into a specialized category within SAP.iO, the Rising Stars program. This allows us to access more opportunities within the SAP ecosystem and reach customers in need of a last-mile solution.

"By integrating with SAP Transportation Management and SAP Commerce Cloud, the Milkman Last-Mile Platform gives businesses that use SAP solutions real-time updates on the status of delivery and rescheduling options"

Featured in the SAP Store

The Milkman Platform is certified and listed on the SAP Store. Our solution is integrated with SAP Transportation Management and SAP Commerce Cloud.

SAP Innovation Award Winners

Milkman Technologies has been selected amongst over a 100 companies for driving innovation in the last-mile industry, winning this award within the Partner Paragon Category alongside top consultancies EY and PwC. This is an important milestone for Milkman Technologies, proving our ability to position ourselves amongst top companies, drive innovation and strengthen our partnership with SAP.

Featured in Industry Innovation Report

SAP.iO released their latest Thought Leadership Report on the topic of Industry Innovation Through Startup Partnerships. The report features 12 startups, all SAP partners who graduated from the SAP.iO program, that offer value to SAP customers in key industries: industrial manufacturing, utilities and energy. Download it, get inspired, and learn how you can make a difference in your own business.

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