Interactive Tracking

Gain real-time visibility of all inbound and utbound orders, full visibility of all package movements with detection of any delay ensuring a proactive response when necessary.

Provide real-time updates

Easy communication between driver and recipient allows to follow the deliveries each step of the route with real time live updates on location and ETA.

Guarantee easy rescheduling

Change delivery schedule with time windows adjustment that guarantees less deliveries attempts and satisfied recipients.

Improve delivery success rate

With interactive tracking both driver and recipient are informed of any changes on route and can predict and adapt course to manage expectations and deliver successfully.

Exceptions Management​​

Live communication with recipients offers active visibility over the order delivery and guarantees reschedule when external events occur

Collect feedback of the delivery experience

With the rating and feedback functionality the tracking page collects precious data on driver performance, customer experience and overall last mile deliveries success.

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