Depot Automation

The Depot Management and Automation part of the supply chain management organises and simplifies the workflows processes throughout all the depot operations. It facilitates sorting and cross-docking operations, minimizing operational costs and allowing depot workers to perform successfully.

Effortless Sort for Line Haul​

From first to last mile the platform organises an efficient logistics chain through an intelligent network of depots for best sorting and line haul. Both Depot workers and Drivers receive a complete and organised planning for all packages divided by bay, location and territories to be covered.

Immediate Cross dock for Last Mile​

The platform configures the delivery workflows with precise steps for the best depot automation with a complete list of packages for each last mile delivery, with proved correspondence between location and bay, to guarantee increased rate of successful first attempts.

Take control reporting any issue

The platform provides a complete view of depot operations integrating performance data, metrics on workflow processes that can prevent issues before they arise and an efficient management of exceptions.

API Automation

The Milkman Application Programming Interface can work and be used with all processes and operations from manual to digital. Extremely user friendly and adaptable can be applied to various scenarios.

Devices compatibility

The Milkman Depot Automation is compatible with scanners, printers and mobile devices of various kind and able to work with many Operating Systems.
Check out one of our Partners: Zebra, and how we integrate.


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