Delivery optimization

A digitised last-mile delivery is indispensable for modern courier management. By focusing on digitalisation delivery processes and service offers can be optimised and ensure competitiveness.
Delivery Optimization

Leverage your territory and historical data

A territory can be defined by density, frequency, geographical locations and split in areas according to deliveries needs. Collecting historical data considering frequency, density, distribution of the deliveries can support or disregard set SLAs and prompt for new service agreements that could match the territories needs better.

AI powered
Geo Refiner ©

With Milkman Georefiner ©, Artificial Intelligence is used to enable geolocation accuracy, clean and precise addresses. It can ensure that every address received and processed is a real place on Earth, so that deliveries can happen succefully.

Know your customer better than customers themselves

Milkman Geo Refiner © will work through all addresses received in the system splitting them between known and unknown or to be redefined. The Know your Customer (KYC) locations are recognised as being confirmed by the final recipient, being precise and correct will go straight to order system and execution.

Network Smart Splitting

Based on sophisticated territories analysis and historical data collection the Milkman Platform is able to calculate and suggest the best territory splits and deliveries distribution to maximise use of vehicles, minimise kms driven to achieve the most profitable use of resources and ultimately saving costs.

Elevate your delivery services

SLAs set the standards that couriers and logistics operator set and have to respect within their deliveries services. The trend seems to be moving from setting timeline e.g. within 24h or 48h and moving towards giving the recipient more choice and flexibility guaranteeing precision.

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Delivery Optimization

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