Smart Promise

Plan deliveries around density and capacity analysis, demand shaping options with most convenient time slots for both recipients and drivers on route.

Prevent overbooking

Offer multiple delivery options to optimize capacity and maximize density. Recipients can select their preferred day and time, preventing overpromising and overspending while ensuring efficient and satisfactory delivery experiences.

Maximise fleet saturation

The capacity configuration & monitoring capabilities oversees current and projected fleet capacity ensuirng maximum usage of vehicles per deliveries.

Foster brand reliability and increase trust

Achieve more successful first attempt deliveries thanks to our smart appointment feature and intelligent address verification system respecting Customers’ preferences.

Offer an environment friendly service

The intelligent demand-shaping functionality enhances volumes predictability, leading to increased package deliveries per route and reducing CO2 emissions.

Provide a superior service experience

Enable the perfect customer delivery experience with live package tracking, scheduling and rescheduling options, two-way communications and delivery notifications.

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