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Milkman Technologies offers dedicated support to customers by meeting them where they are. Discover how Milkman’s cloud-based solution propulses innovation in logistics for a variety of companies at different stages in their journey to an enhanced transportation system.

A leading partnership for reinventing the home-delivery market. Learn more

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How EasyCoop became an innovative and advanced eCommerce service.

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How the world’s largest Italian food marketplace combined in-store and digital retail experience.

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An omnichannel approach for handling unexpected times

How Milkman Technologies helped Public MediaMarkt succeed in high-demand season.

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Reliability combined with excellence is the key for a successful delivery experience.

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How technology drives loyalty by respecting promises and keeping customers connected​.

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MIlkman Technologies & Colvin: delivering emotions

Bringing the “boutique” feel of the most successful coffee capsules Retailer to e-commerce delivery.

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Last-mile agility and flexibility for one of the biggest fashion brands in the world​.

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How a customer-centric partnership with Milkman Technologies increased loyalty and satisfaction.

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How offering dynamic time slots increases customer loyalty

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