A leading partnership for reinventing the home delivery market

Poste Italiane is the first Home delivery player in Italy and its services are today selected by worldwide brands such as Eataly, Colvin, Nespresso, etc… The partnership with Milkman Technologies began in 2019, to revolutionize last mile operations. The result is Poste Delivery Now, a range of solutions dedicated to e-commerce operators, developed by Poste Italiane and powered by the Milkman Platform.

About Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane is the largest company in the logistics sector in Italy and is a leader in the financial, insurance and payment services sector. With 160 years of history, 35 million customers and a network of around 13,000 post offices and over 15,000 Collect Points, Poste Italiane represents a unique reality in terms of size, recognisability, capillarity and customer trust.

“We strongly believe that innovation in delivery is the key to unlocking the potential value of the ecommerce market and we make it happen thanks to the platform powered by Milkman Technologies”

Poste Italiane & Milkman Technologies

The Beginning: Poste Delivery Now

Poste Italiane’s main objective was to progress in the home delivery market. With this in mind, the group started searching for a new solution with flexible time-slot delivery options and an immersive and superior customer experience with wider possibilities for interaction and communication.
Poste Italiane chose Milkman Technologies as their unique last mile technology provider to enable green, personalized and convenient deliveries.

A new Avant-gardist service: the “fresh” express courier

To catch the new opportunities offered by the strong growth of the food and grocery segment, Poste Italiane recently launched the “fresh” express courier service for the home delivery of fresh groceries, leveraging the Milkman Technologies Platform. Products purchased online will travel on refrigerated vehicles and will be delivered during the time slot chosen by the customer. With this step, Poste Italiane expands the range of logistics services related to eCommerce, validating its innovative approach and differentiating its brand from traditional postal players.

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