The Crucial Link between online purchasing and customer satisfaction

One click away… This is how simple and effective the customer journey should be and feel when finalizing online purchases. The expectations should be set, agreed and clear, leaving no room for surprises. A process that starts from an inviting website and only finishes with a successful delivery at home or at the desired address.

We all know that to ensure a successful purchase we need to avoid cart abandonment but fundamental to make sure the customer is satisfied and will be inclined to repeat purchase is to combine it with a complete delivery.

The battle against cart abandonment is well-known, with industry benchmarks revealing an average rate of 68.81%, escalating to 74.52% in recent studies. Factors such as a convoluted checkout process, unexpected shipping costs, mandatory sign-ups, or limited payment options contribute to this phenomenon. However, the often-overlooked aspect that significantly impacts customer loyalty, satisfaction, and brand reputation is the aftermath of failed deliveries.

Geckoboard‘s recent study sheds light on the harsh reality of failed deliveries – damaged items, misdelivery, and late arrivals. The repercussions resonate in the form of dissatisfied customers who, according to a survey by The Hub, are 17% less likely to order online after a negative delivery experience

How can we make this process flawless to guarantee customer satisfaction? Few ideas and suggestions are mentioned in the ‘’future of e-commerce article’’ where the key role of collecting data throughout the multiple touch points of the shopping journey, from the first interaction with the product to home delivery, allows organisations to fine-tune customers’ perceptions and expectations.

As people and customers, we are more likely to be satisfied and therefore trust others, including businesses, when our habits and preferences are fully taken into consideration. This is increasingly important when dealing with online purchases, where the lack of physical touch points could generate diffidence: offering highly personalized experiences becomes critical to secure loyalty.

In order to create a collaborative eco-system that addresses the various interconnecting parts necessary to create the ‘’perfect’’ experience, technology providers need to work together to offer an integrated solution that can address the whole process. With this in mind ANT and Milkman Technologies have come together to offer a solution that covers the online purchase journey from check out to the customer doorstep seamlessly.

The whole online purchasing is a complex network of interactions between various actors, including customers, websites, delivery services, and more. Ensuring customer satisfaction involves understanding and optimizing these interactions rather than focusing solely on individual touchpoints.

This holistic approach acknowledges the importance of personalization and the need to consider customers’ habits and preferences throughout the entire process to build trust and loyalty. That is why ANT is focused on building and integrating solutions that serve all the customer experience processes.

Nothing can be overlooked anymore and Last Mile needs to be integrated in the process and considered nothing less than an additional shop window by Retailers and used as a differentiator. Missing deliveries and lost package claims have increased by 107%, according to the latest e-commerce delivery benchmark report in the last two years. Data such as customers’ apartment building’s layout, parking restrictions, door access codes, concierge presence, opening hours, need to be digitised and shared for a successful customer experience.

Milkman Home Delivery Platform with the built-in ‘’Know your Customer’’ capability, addresses exactly this need. The driver, recognised as an important source of information, has the opportunity to learn from the delivery experience, using the dedicated space in the Milkman Driver App to note all relevant customers’ data and ensure a seamless process for the delivery in front of each customer’s door.

Moreover, Milkman Smart Promise capability represents a significant advancement in delivery personalisation. By offering customers complete freedom to choose when they receive their orders, Milkman addresses the growing demand for personalized delivery experiences. This dynamic approach enables organisations to offer dynamic pricing for real-time demand shaping, ultimately boosting brand loyalty and customer retention.

Pioneering Personalisation for Customer Satisfaction

Milkman and ANT are fully prepared to build the right environment for the satisfied customer. As consumers shift towards demanding higher personalisation, the collaboration between Milkman and Ant reflects a commitment to transitioning from a speed-focused approach to one centred on personalisation, convenience, and diversified order options.

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