What makes up the ‘’ultimate on-time delivery’’ mix? Key Factors for Achieving Successful On-Time Deliveries and Customer Satisfaction

As stated in one of the latest news of Inbound Logistics, while on-time delivery remains a top priority, not all on-time delivery can be considered a good result if everything else goes wrong.  

This prompted us an immediate question: what creates the perfect mix for an on-time delivery and what else has to go perfectly for it to be considered as such?

We then contemplated the ingredients required to craft a winning recipe for reliable, on-time deliveries. Here are the key elements to consider:

Low Missed Appointments. A delivery is not on-time if you missed it. Minimizing missed appointments is key to make sure your deliveries are successful. Achieving a low missed appointments rate (ideally under 10%) has a great impact on many factors: less labor intensive, inventory capacity management, less detention fees, reduced CO2 emissions, and improved order fulfillment scores.

Minimizing Handling. Implementing automation in depots can significantly reduce the need for additional handling, rebooking, or rescheduling. This not only streamlines the process but also cuts down on associated costs.

Minimal Environmental Impact. Incorporate a system that can track emissions, and a technology solution that can support the delivery planning phase for best performances and less carbon emissions.

Ultimate Customer Experience. It’s important to recognize that customer satisfaction goes beyond simply delivering a package on time. Factors like product condition, driver attitude, delivery timing, and the flexibility to reschedule if necessary also play a pivotal role.

No Rush. Proper planning ensures that your delivery meets all requirements, enabling scheduled appointments, reliable commitments, and efficient cost management.

Products and Services Delivered as Promised! By combining all the above elements, you can consistently deliver products and services as promised, with a higher percentage of orders arriving on time, intact, and in the expected condition.
Discover here how these elements come together with The Milkman First & Last Mile Platform for optimized delivery.

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