Predictability and personalization are the new imperatives for e-Shoppers

Delivery Personalization becomes a top requirement for
e-shoppers, shifting from speed to convenience.

According to the latest edition of DPD’s “e-Shopper’s Barometer”, 72% of regular e-shoppers consider that advanced personalisation, that is the ability to select the day and exact one-hour time slot in advance of their delivery would make them more likely to purchase from a specific app or website.

The increasing percentage of shoppers asking for higher personalization of their orders hints at a radical shift in the mentality of consumers. The market appears to be transitioning from an emphasis on speed to one focused on higher convenience and availability of order options.

The research also states that “predictability is key to customer satisfaction”. Being sure to be home when the courier arrives is also a common preoccupation. In fact, “the foremost delivery preference among regular e-shoppers is real-time delivery information”. Real-time parcel tracking, unthinkable just a few years ago, is fastly becoming a must-have for Carriers and Retailers looking for a competitive advantage.

In addition, DPD emphasises that “price consciousness is shaping consumer behaviour”. 2023 already heralds itself as the year of conscious spending, caused by the spectre of a global recession. This need comes hand in hand with a heightened sensitivity to ecology and the impact of e-commerce on traffic, pollution and waste. 60% of the surveyed European shoppers consider that having a choice of sustainable delivery options is important when buying online.

These needs appear organically tied to each other: consumers will decide what option is most compatible with their budget and this will entice an accurate delivery appointment, preventing the waste caused by a second attempt. 

The e-shoppers identified by DPD represent a younger, more tech-savvy generation, whose expectations are high but grounded in reality, and who are very vocal about their needs and experiences.  This was echoed in London’s “The Delivery Conference 2023”,  where Ton ter Laak, Senior Vice President of Sales at Auctane (owner of Metapack), highlighted that “in 2023 customer-centric thinking will be at the forefront,” but it will need to be done in an “affordable” way and with the environment in mind.

The Milkman Home Delivery Platform has been built to provide the best possible experience, empowering Logistics and Retailer organizations with convenient, cost-effective and sustainable delivery options. Poste Italiane, Bomi and many others have already adopted the Milkman Smart Promise capability, offering complete freedom on when to receive order delivery, feeding their final customers’ request for personalization.

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