From click to doorstep: overcoming the issue of failed deliveries

You have been waiting for your grand-child’s birthday present and it has not arrived. You need a new hoover but it hasn’t turned up, you allowed extra time and stayed at home to receive the delivery but nothing. 

The disruption that a failed delivery can create is much bigger than simple frustration. It means spending time  trying to contact the courier and/or the shop where you bought your goods from, it means deciding whether to purchase them again or wait for the delivery to get sorted and it can have a big knock and effect on the business.  A change of perspective and an overall strategy that covers online purchases and connects deliveries to the end customer is becoming compelling.

The rise of e-commerce has reshaped the retail landscape, offering unparalleled convenience and access to a myriad of products at the click of a button. However, beside this digital shopping revolution that has been going on for the past 15+ years lies a persistent challenge that affects both consumers and retailers: failed deliveries. Recent studies and reports underscore the extent of this problem and its implications.

According to the article “Waste Reduction“, featured in the September 2023 edition of Postal and Parcel Technology International, despite the increasing prevalence of remote work during the pandemic, a significant 24% of retailers surveyed globally reported that more than 1 in 10 orders failed to be delivered on the first attempt. Furthermore, the article highlights that 67% of consumers have faced delivery issues, with failed deliveries being a major contributing factor.

Failed deliveries do more than just inconvenience: they damage trust and put pressure on relationships between customers, retailers and delivery companies. In the competitive world of online shopping, dissatisfied customers often opt to switch to alternative sellers rather than voice their concerns.

Moreover, failed deliveries not only impact the immediate transaction but also have broader implications for the overall reputation and brand image of the retailer. A single failed delivery can lead to negative reviews and word-of-mouth publicity: negative experiences might spread, and new customers might think twice about buying from the store, or decide not to shop there in the future. This underscores the critical importance of ensuring seamless deliveries to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In today’s interconnected world, where consumer opinions spread rapidly through social media and online forums, maintaining a positive delivery experience is key to ensuring the long-term success of the business. Therefore, it is imperative to prioritize efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction in the delivery process.

It’s not just about getting deliveries on time: it’s about upgrading the whole online shopping experience to the highest standard.

The ANT Perspective

ANT is a Customer Experience Company specializing in building and smoothly integrating customer experience related technologies into flexible, scalable infrastructure.

Our experience has proven that delivery is an important part of the customer journey and has a significant impact on sales. That is why we are working together with Milkman to offer our customers great integrated delivery solutions.

The Milkman Perspective

Milkman Technologies offers a proactive approach, harnessing technology to streamline the delivery process and elevate the customer experience. 

Through innovative solutions like Milkman Smart Promise, advanced algorithms not only ensure that deliveries are made promptly, but also take into account various factors to optimize the entire delivery process, minimizing carbon emissions and optimizing routes for efficiency. As a result, Milkman Smart Promise can intelligently allocate resources, minimize unnecessary trips, and reduce the overall environmental impact of deliveries. Additionally, this advanced technology enables customers to get personalized delivery options tailored to their preferences, further enhancing their overall shopping experience. 

Also, effective communication is pivotal in addressing failed deliveries. Milkman Tracking Page provides customers with real-time visibility into the delivery process, enabling them to reschedule deliveries and offer feedback, thus fostering continuous improvement. By prioritizing innovation and customer satisfaction, Milkman Technologies seeks to address the underlying causes of failed deliveries and set a new standard for excellence in the e-commerce industry. Check the amazing results achieved by one of Milkman’s clients Colvin

Leveraging technology for seamless deliveries

The challenge of failed deliveries in the e-commerce landscape underscores the critical need for innovative solutions and collaborative efforts to enhance the overall delivery experience. As highlighted by both ANT and Milkman Technologies, prioritizing efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction is essential for mitigating the negative impact of failed deliveries and fostering long-lasting relationships between all stakeholders involved.

By leveraging technology, businesses can tackle the issue of failed deliveries and elevate the standard of delivery services in the e-commerce ecosystem. Through collaboration and innovation, we can set new benchmarks for excellence in delivery processes, ensuring seamless and delightful experiences for retailers and customers.

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