Eataly Today challenges Amazon: home-delivered fresh food in Milan

Eataly Today challenges Amazon: home-delivered fresh food in Milan

The following text is the translation of: “Eataly Today sfida Amazon: a Milano porta il cibo fresco a casa”, published on, on 07/26/2016.

You can read the original here

e-Commerce rules. That’s why Eataly has thrown down the gauntlet on a giant like Amazon. Oscar Farinetti’s high-end Italian food stores and restaurant chain has activated an online shop that sells fresh products and same-day delivers them. Eataly Today starts in Milan but will soon be operative in other Italian cities.

Freshness and craftsmanship are going to be served directly and most comfortably to your home. Eataly Today won’t use Amazon’s logistics network: deliveries are entrusted to Milkman and are operative Monday to Saturday.

Thanks to this service Customers can choose from and order a wide variety of Eataly’s products. It’s possible to receive them by selecting a time window or to collect them at Eataly’s Smeraldo Shop, located in Piazza XXV Aprile, in Milan (the chain’s most successful shop by revenue).

Shopping is simple: you just need to create a free account. Among the fresh products, you can choose among different types of meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables and cold cuts. In-house starred restaurant Alice will provide deli recipes.

Orders of 69 euros and higher will be delivered for free while for the less expensive ones price is at 1,90 euros. For orders made by 12.00pm delivery will be on the same day, in a time window chosen by the Customer (down to a single hour). Orders made after 12.00pm will be processed starting next-day in a date again chosen by the Customer.

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