Transportation Operations
Routing Optimization
Maximize the number of orders that your fleet can serve. Milkman’s powerful route optimization engine incorporates street-level routing, driver and vehicle constraints as well as customer time windows to produce the most optimal daily routes. Our sophisticated AI constantly learns by analysing traffic patterns and data gathered from the fleet driver’s historical service time for future planning.
Barcode Scanner
The driver’s outbound journey starts at the warehouse where they first scan barcode parcel and waybill order to ensure accuracy of their loads and to organize the packing of the vehicle.
Focused Delivery Queue
While visualizing the entire route at the start might seem to make sense, this is where Milkman Service Delivery company’s expertise comes into play.  Milkman Service Delivery learned first hand that providing the driver with visibility of just its next appointment keeps them focused on the task at hand.  This includes masking the end delivery time window.
Park & Walk
Depending on the density of the deliveries it may make sense to park in a central location and organize deliveries in a walking route. Milkman clusters orders by proximity in dense areas.  Save time and increase efficiency by parking at a central location to serve multiple stops.
Proof of Delivery
Having a record of the end-to-end delivery process is mandatory and helps all parties understand the true story of each delivery.  The ability to record the consumer’s signature ensures a successful and complete record highlighting the proof of delivery. Access to this information also greatly assists any customer service team to track down order status should something go awry.
Repeat Delivery Management
Despite best delivery efforts, some packages require a second or even third attempt. Milkman’s technology drives a sophisticated workflow to ensure the appropriate follow-on processes are executed. The driver app allows the recording of the delivery attempt details by securing a picture of the premise and associated date and time stamp.
Reverse Logistics
In addition to recording the failed delivery attempts, the driver can use the application to secure the creation of a return order and start the reverse logistics process as allowed by the merchant.
Fleet Management
The fleet manager has lots of daily responsibilities including matching the optimized route to a specific driver, as well as, approving process and status exceptions, such as, signing off on early or late arrivals and incoming failed delivery attempts.
Milkman Offers technology and expertise for designing optimal delivery experiences to logistics teams and organizations.

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