Sustainability, order consolidation and personalisation have become the new priorities. How can a combined approach be secured?

If you are a Retailer and you want to emerge from a strong competitive scenario, you have to rethink your e-commerce strategy, offering last-mile delivery options and sustainability choices as one bundle.

According to a study conducted by PFS, 54% of consumers would support and shop with brands committed to carbon-reducing delivery options, even if the delivery timescale is longer. This is particularly true concerning audiences under 35 years of age. 

In its study about sustainable last-mile, Accenture underlines three focus areas to work on: incentivize greener delivery choices; repurpose, retrofit and share assets like stores, infrastructure and fleets; act on real-time insights into consumer preferences and purchasing patterns to innovate.


UPS Capital’s latest “Personalized Shipping Experiences” study declares that 87% of consumers would be more likely to shop with a Retailer if they could personalize their shipping experience. What would be the most important perks they would include? For 74% it would be the ability to track packages in real-time, for 72% the exact package arrival date and for 57% the access to multiple cost-affordable delivery options.

How does this link with sustainability? According to Loquate, 24% of Retailers admit that more than one in ten orders aren’t delivered on the first attempt. So, let’s do the math, save one-fourth of the overall e-commerce related trips, add an integrated platform that can boost delivery success and perfect cargo distribution and routes. The result will be more efficient and sustainable delivery options.

Milkman Home Delivery Platform has been designed to exceed Shoppers’ expectations by offering advanced and sustainable delivery options of day/time of choice, full visibility of the order journey, and a real promise to delivery based on trust and reliability.

The shoppers are already asking for the right solution by asking for more personalisation to be home when the driver arrives. It’s a triple win scenario: Retailers, Shoppers and Planet all get away by being happier than before. 

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