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Poste Italiane & Milkman: a leading partnership for reinventing the home-delivery market

Poste Italiane, the largest logistics operator in Italy with a turnover of over €12 billion, grasped the e-commerce potential even before the pandemic; thus, it was crucial for them to re-thinking and re-inventing the home delivery market. Being aware of this omnichannel revolution, forced Poste Italiane to invest massively in the renovation of their Mail, Parcels and Distribution segment. 

Milkman Technologies appeared on Poste’s radar by working for international brands such as Nespresso and Zara. Its technology platform provided the kind of value-added services Poste was looking for: flexible time-slot delivery, same-day delivery and an immersive customer experience, with wider possibilities for interaction and communication. 

Poste’s innovation team, always on the lookout for new solutions, took notice and the companies started testing a possible synergy through a successful joint delivery.

This generated a €25M funding round and the launch of a new service: Poste Delivery Now, powered by Milkman’s Home Delivery Platform.

Customers asking for freedom

Everyone knows how it’s like to stay home and wait for a courier to drop a parcel at an indefinite time. Everyone remembers when there were too few options for both couriers and customers, leaving everyone longing to lift the weight of operations conceived mainly for B2B organization”: says Francesco Montuolo, CEO of MLK Deliveries, provider of the Post Delivery Now service.

“If you are a Retailer aiming to streamline last-mile delivery, you would need first to focus on customer needs, secondly identify a technology partner expert in logistics that can help to support your operations”, stated Mr Montuolo.

The partnership with Milkman came to revolutionize last-mile deliveries by giving customers freedom and multiple possibilities to decide when and where to receive their orders. The platform also provides constant updates for the Estimated Time of Arrival, even giving the possibility of monitoring and following the van on the map.

Integration of delivery options with dynamic pricing at the checkout also guarantees convenience for the customers and provides a powerful tool to influence consumer’s behaviour towards logistics optimization. 

Integrating Milkman Technologies into Poste e-shops allows the modulation of the offer. For example, in a city where we have traffic limitations during the morning, we can decide to moderate the offer before 1 pm and display a more convenient one in the afternoon, thus leading the distribution of demand. This is not only cost-effective but also a selling tool for the retailer.” says Mr Montuolo.

Turning data into digital experience

Milkman Home Delivery Platform offers a set of hyper-automated features that use algorithms to learn from the past and forecast the future, optimizing route planning no matter if logistics operations change.

Algorithms let us schedule routes more smartly, offering dynamic routing, states Mr Montuolo, “with Milkman Platform we can manage real-time data and transform them into logistics instructions to reflect customer’s preferences. This drastically dropped failed first deliveries, ensuring successful first attempts, reducing overhead costs and carbon emissions”, concludes Mr Montuolo.

Today Poste Italiane is the main logistics provider for some of the most important worldwide brands, such as Amazon, H&M, etc… The investment in Milkman technology further boosts Poste’s competitive advantage with innovation and expansion, consolidating the company’s role in the market.

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