The consumer-centric delivery management platform
Scheduling Engine
Offer appointments smartly by taking residual capacity under control.  Milkman developed the scheduling engine to service both the consumer’s need to select a convenient time window while also mitigating the rising costs of precision delivery.
Consumer App
Whether purchasing a new living room at a brick-and-mortar, joining a wine subscription or choosing a recurring delivery of fresh groceries, the delivery process starts and ends with the consumer. Empower your customers with the tools to schedule and update appointment bookings.
The delivery process starts and ends with the consumer, but there’s a whole lot happening behind the scenes.  Understanding your overall costs and working with all constituents across the delivery chain is required to forecast ongoing delivery resources.
Whether your logistics network has a central distribution center to service all local operations or a widely distributed network of multiple hubs and spokes, Milkman can handle any scale of inbound and outbound logistics business.
Customer Service
The ongoing communication of information -- package delivery status, driver location, estimated time of arrival -- to the consumer reduces the volume of inbound questions to and from the shipper and carrier’s customer service organizations.
Business Intelligence
There’s a lot of data in delivery, and making sense of it helps all levels of the organization create baselines. Digestible KPIs and performance scorecards improves the relationship across the entire supply chain.
Milkman Offers technology and expertise for designing optimal delivery experiences to logistics teams and organizations.

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