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First & Last Mile Logistics


Milkman Technologies offers a cloud-based solution for logistics and transportation providers, granting full control and visibility of the transportation costs, process automation, information security, and digitization.

Boost your profit margins

Monitor your cost-to-serve per each customer and territory by leveraging data collection.

CTA Intelligence

Implement centralized and automated policies

Feed customer requirements by defining tailored approaches and intervening on the fly when required.

CTA Control Tower

Govern Cross-Functional Roles

Assign and manage strategic tasks and responsibilities across multiple departments and monitor KPI achievements.

CTA User Manager

Digitise Data

Collect very granular data and run analytics to support process optimization.

CTA Machine Learning

Reduce arbitrary processes​

Gain a competitive edge by planning and executing a reliable/accountable order journey.

Frame 18813

First & Last Mile Logistics


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