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According to E-commerce Tools’ “Pivotal Trends and Predictions in B2B Digital Commerce”, a portion of companies with zero or limited digital capabilities were forced to up their game to survive by launching eCommerce sites that failed to impress customers. 

B2B vendors are called to digitally transform entire businesses, from marketing and content to checkout and fulfilment, to offer a true end-to-end customer experience. Order scheduling, reordering, planning and execution, inventory management, and information digitization are just some examples of the required functions to support this new approach.

However, B2B business models are still tied to outdated procedures with heavy manual approaches and siloed knowledge. Hence, innovation must be embraced on a broader scale in order to truly revolutionize and be able to feed new and more urgent customer requirements. B2B players that are trying to thrive on their operations, should look closer into:

digitization throughout the entire supply chain to improve performance and secure accountability in the organization

costs control to stay away from fragmented supply chain processes

automation to secure a centralized approach, intervening only when required

governance across cross-functional roles to assign strategic tasks and measure KPIs achievement

accountability to reduce arbitrary processes and gain a competitive advantage, planning and executing a reliable order journey

This is how the Milkman Platform has been designed, a cloud-based solution that:  

  • monitors cost-to-serve per each customer and territory by leveraging data collection
  • feeds customer requirements by defining tailored approaches and intervening on the fly when required
  • collects very granular data and runs analytics to support process optimization.

Discover more by visiting Milkman Technologies’ page for first and last-mile logistics operations.

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