Milkman Technologies Unveils Partner Program to Reshape the Future of First and Last Mile Logistics Operations 

Milkman Technologies, an innovative solution provider in the logistics industry, announces the launch of its Partner Program, a strategic initiative poised to revolutionize the delivery landscape.

The Milkman Technologies Partner Program aspires to add value into the collaborative ecosystem where cutting-edge technologies converge to provide comprehensive solutions for every facet of the delivery journey. Positioned at the forefront of first and last-mile logistic software solutions, Milkman Technologies, in tandem with its esteemed partners, aims to leverage collective expertise, innovations, and services to address customer needs, overcome challenges, and optimize performances.

Last-mile logistics, constituting 53% of total shipping costs and 41% of overall supply chain expenses (source: Accenture, The Sustainable Last-Mile, 2021), necessitates substantial investments in technology and process innovation to unlock significant value for logistics providers and e-commerce players.

Realizing this value requires a harmonious integration of various components, including process adaptation, technological adjustments, and effective people management. The Milkman Partner Program is born out of the essence of facilitating and completing this transformative journey for our customers.

In collaboration with certified partners, we assist logistics providers, e-commerce entities, and retailers in fortifying the backbone of their delivery business with state-of-the-art technology, services, and specialized knowledge.

Milkman Technologies currently collaborates with top-tier technology providers, consulting firms, and expert system integrators, as well as independent consultants with extensive logistics knowledge. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the entire delivery business, from the first to the last mile.

“Logistic Providers are under extreme pressure to thrive in the current market conditions that impact cost control, drivers retention and market share. Transportation is the core of their business and a solution that helps them optimize operations and differentiate their service is vitally important for long-term success ” said Kai Seela, General Manager of ArchLynk EMEA, a SAP® Gold Partner and specialized System Integrator focused on supporting companies successfully transforming their Transport & Logistics operations. “We partner with Milkman Technologies to combine their solution and our expertise to solve the transportation operations dilemma of our joint customers from A to Z”

The Milkman Platform is certified and listed on the SAP® Store and a SAP® Innovation Award 2023 Winner, compatible with the SAP® Digital Supply Chain and Customer Experience suites of solutions. This ensures logistics providers and retailers a secure and certified solution that seamlessly integrates with their existing SAP® environment.

Antonio Perini, CEO of Milkman Technologies, emphasizes, “Every technology is part of an ecosystem, and by partnering with SAP, we are helping customers achieve more value with the Milkman platform by integrating with their existing infrastructure.”

Driven by a commitment to innovation and operational efficiency, Milkman Technologies’ Partner Program fosters successful collaborations where businesses can thrive and achieve growth in the dynamic logistics and commerce landscape. 

“By partnering with Milkman Technologies, we empower retailers to embark on the next phase of growth, enhancing the shop-to-door strategy. This involves seamlessly integrating their e-commerce checkout with the delivery experience. Retailers have dedicated the past decade to refining their e-commerce platforms and enhancing customer experiences, streamlining processes, and creating cutting-edge e-commerce journeys. In today’s landscape, these efforts are no longer sufficient; a poor shipping experience in fact can impact the overall purchase experience, potentially negating the positive effects of a previously seamless ecommerce journey.” said Alpár Katona, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ANT, one of the first service partners to join Milkman’s Partner Program.

Partners gain access to: self-serve online open API documentation, professional services accreditation, integration certification and engaging co-marketing activities and can choose to participate in one or multiple categories, each contributing unique value propositions and complementarities to our joint customers.

Meet some of our Partners:

For more information about the Milkman Technologies Partner Program, please visit or contact:

Marco Papa

Partnerships Manager

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