Milkman Technologies releases: the ”Waiting Time” tracker feature

Delays can be a daily challenge in the logistics world. To Identify the root causes and streamline your operations the Milkman Platform now includes the ”Waiting Time” feature.

In an ideal scenario, our drivers are punctual and ready to load packages according to their schedules. However, we recognize that this isn’t always the case.

Picture this: the driver arrives at a pick-up location, fully prepared to swiftly load the van with each package allocated a mere 5 seconds of loading time. Unfortunately, this perfect scenario is disrupted when the shipper is not ready, leading to unavoidable waiting times for our drivers.

To address this issue and enhance your delivery efficiency, Milkman Technologies is thrilled to announce the addition of a groundbreaking feature – the ‘Waiting Time‘ reporting functionality!

Here’s how it works:

  • Real-time Tracking: When the shipper is unprepared, causing delays for our drivers, the ‘Waiting Time’ feature steps in to track the added time.
  • Comprehensive Overview: Operation Managers can now access a detailed overview, quantifying the duration and frequency of waiting times. This invaluable information enables proactive decision-making to minimize future delays.
  • Data-Driven Solutions: Armed with precise insights, you can now pinpoint areas for improvement in your delivery processes, ultimately enhancing the overall delivery time and customer satisfaction.

Milkman Technologies is committed to empowering you with the tools needed to conquer daily challenges and revolutionise your logistics operations. Embrace the future of seamless deliveries with our latest ‘Waiting Time’ reporting feature!

This can have a huge impact on overall delivery time and eliminate all the knock-on effects that this delay at shipper’s implies. It can be included in the shipper scorecard and be considered as an additional KPI, it can improve efficiency and the shipper will be accountable for being punctual.

It will give you more contractual power and ensure more fairness in the tenant-driver relationship.

To discover more about how the Waiting Time Feature works within our Control Tower app click here

To check all of the others Milkman Technologies Platform features click here

Upgrade to Milkman Platform experience today and ensure every second counts towards a more efficient and timely delivery process!

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