Milkman Technologies: Fact vs Fiction

History pills of a technology company

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Milkman Technologies is a SaaS company. The story begins in 2015 with two veterans of routing optimization and GPS tracking: Antonio Perini e Tommaso Baù.

Innovating the last-mile delivery industry by developing a full native cloud solution able to incentivize demand-shaping options and meet the promise to deliver was the project!

The overall concept relies on the following: Retailers are increasingly looking to offer interactive delivery services, and especially with the e-commerce boom, providing a superior omnichannel experience that drives competition and boosts customer loyalty makes the real difference. 

Thanks to their combined expertise, Perini and Baù understood how retailers were and are in dire need of reinventing their last-mile strategies.

Milkman’s unique blend of smart appointment capabilities, driven by proprietary algorithms and managed by a unified dashboard (API), quickly drove the attention of some of the most visionary retailers in both the grocery and consumer goods sectors. EasyCoop, Nespresso, Zara, willing to offer their clients a truly innovative and interactive delivery experience, are among the first adopters of Milkman’s services and solutions. 

The completion of this success comes in 2020 with Poste Italiane, the #1 for home-delivery services in Italy. With the main goal of gaining leadership in the B2C space by offering innovative delivery services through dynamic time-slots and reducing environmental impact, Poste Italiane signs a partnership to adopt Milkman Home Delivery Platform license and launches a new service: Poste Delivery Now.  

Milkman Technologies is now a leading provider of last-mile technology with an international footprint and 20+ clients such as Public MediaMarkt, Amazon, Colvin, etc..and a growing staff of 60+ experts in logistics/supply chain and innovation professionals joining from big corporations such as Google, SAP, etc… 

Milkman Technologies has been named as a vendor in the latest Gartner reports for last-mile. Also mentioned on Forbes “Why Convenience Is Essential” and Entrepreneur “4 Simple Ways Your Ecommerce Brand Can Better Serve Customers In 2021”, and rely on a partnership with IDC.

Milkman Technologies is a SaaS company, it does not provide transportation services for the delivery of orders of its clients. 
Poste Italiane adopts Milkman Home Delivery Platform to provide delivery services in the Italian territory under the brand “Poste Delivery Now”.

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