Milkman Technologies and SAP for risk-resilient operations: full cost control, automation, and digitization

Milkman Technologies and SAP
Milkman Platform is fully integrated with SAP Transportation Management, completing the operation workflow execution by adding last-mile capabilities.

The SAP Innovation Awards celebrate the achievements of future-minded companies that have harnessed the power of the latest SAP products and cloud technologies. Milkman Technologies Last-Mile Platform is nominated for the 2023 edition of the award. This recognition is the fourth in a row that definitively establishes a strategic collaboration between the international scale-up, with HQ in Italy, and SAP. The partnership started with the SAP.iO foundry program for resilient supply chains, in which Milkman was the only provider in the last mile category. This was followed by Milkman’s solution being certified and listed in the SAP Store, as well as the invitation to join the SAP.iO Rising Stars program. Milkman Technologies’ nomination has been granted thanks to the scale-up’s focus on market trends, its platform, its integration with SAP’s solutions and its customer base.

  1.   Market Trends

Over the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of eCommerce channels, requiring logistics support. With operational models tied to outdated practices, lacking digitization and optimization, most B2B and B2C businesses hardly differentiate their services, being far from offering frictionless omnichannel journeys from purchase to doorstep delivery, wasting mileage, and facing high costs-to-serve and low profitability.

A paradigm shift to feed customers’ requests of sustainable choice and reliable promise to delivery, in alignment with cost control, is what a savvy business should seriously consider to face competition and secure business growth. 

  1.   The Milkman Last Mile Platform

Born as a home delivery carrier, Milkman experienced firsthand the challenges of an industry that relies on complex fulfillment networks supported by disjointed digital systems. Overcoming these silos and inefficiencies became their business goal. Milkman has evolved into a technology provider to enable transparency, efficiency, and a superior buyer experience. The result is the Milkman Last Mile Platform, the ultimate solution for flexible, efficient, and green last-mile delivery operations, allowing organizations to:

  • boost margins by governing costs
  • implement centralized and automated policies to support the execution
  • offer smart delivery options tailored for every customer need, secure better distribution, more efficiency, 5%+ first-attempt delivery success rate.
  • save 11%+ in mileage through a very granular execution to facilitate drivers, providing updates and estimated arrival time to final recipients, requiring a signature for delivery proof.
  1.   Integration with SAP solutions

The Platform is fully integrated with SAP Transportation Management, completing the operation workflow execution by adding last-mile capabilities. Extended planning and routing features are available to easily perform deliveries and manage external events such as cancellations and rescheduling requests. Data is collected to support analytics and monitor KPIs achievement.

Embedded with SAP Commerce Cloud, the Milkman Platform can guarantee a sustainable, reliable, and convenient delivery promise, leveraging demand-shaping algorithms. Through SAP Business Technology Platform, the Milkman solution harnesses the power of SAP technology.  

  1.   Customer Use Case

Poste Italiane, one of Europe’s largest home delivery players, is Milkman Technologies’ strategic customer reference.
Poste needed to differentiate their delivery experience to gain leadership in the B2C market and win against marketplaces and commercial couriers owning the market with strong competitive offers. Milkman Technologies was the valid partner to revolutionize their home delivery operations, giving customers freedom and multiple possibilities to decide when and where to receive their orders. 

Many other companies around the world, such as Bomi (a UPS Healthcare company), Public Group, SOK, etc. already benefit from the Milkman Last Mile Platform, delighting customers and sustainably gaining competitive advantage.

Milkman Technologies looks forward to growing with SAP as a transportation management last-mile solution to add better sustainability and customer-centricity to the ever-expanding digital supply challenge.

“We are at the very intersection of a sustainable consumer experience and the digital supply chain. Taming the complexity of today’s fulfillment networks for omnichannel is the most exciting challenge ever! By integrating with SAP Transportation Management and SAP Commerce Cloud, the Milkman platform provides SAP customers with real-time updates on the status of delivery and rescheduling options for a superior experience” says Antonio Perini, CEO, Milkman Technologies

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