Milkman featured among 2016’s Top10 best apps of the App Store

Milkman è tra le Top10 best apps 2016 dell'App Store

This morning we woke to find a very nice surprise: Milkman’s mobile app is featured among the Top10 best apps of 2016 in the Italian App Store. Needless to say that we’re so much happy, proud and humbled by this achievement.

During its first year of life, Milkman delivered 10.000 parcels and on October 10th it had already been signalled by Apple as an “App we love”.

We started this adventure with the dream of offering online shoppers in Italy’s second-biggest city the chance to revolutionize their delivery experience and the people answered with an enthusiasm that defied our best expectations.

This is a solid reminder of the importance that a good delivery experience has in the skyrocketing e-commerce sphere. It’s all about putting the customer in control: through our app shoppers can decide the day and time-window in which to receive the orders they bought on any online shop.

It’s a very simple and yet logistically challenging concept: through the app, users obtain a Milkman’s Address to be used during checkout as their delivery address. When the parcel arrives at our warehouse a push notification and an SMS are sent and the user can now schedule a delivery to their actual address, choosing when and being immediately informed by our pricing algorithm about how much a certain time-window will cost.  

They can choose to wait for several parcels to arrive and consolidate their delivery, at no additional costs. They can reschedule, for free, up to the last second before delivery. Inside the app they can see the ETA’s of their delivery narrowing through the day, up to a 30 minutes range. 7 minutes before delivery they receive another push/SMS informing them of the imminent delivery.


Right now Milkman is the only company, worldwide, offering such a level of customer-centric flexibility. A daunting and very exciting task that we promise to honour, by adding more features, in the upcoming months.

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