Last-Mile Startups Innovating Australia’s eCommerce Deliveries

Last-Mile Startups Innovating Australia's eCommerce Deliveries

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Australia is so far from Europe that sometimes we forget to look that way while snooping around in search of innovation. If we did we’d discover that it doesn’t only share the same eCommerce boom as the rest of the World, it shares a very interesting range of solutions too: players big and small who have made the last mile their playfield.

Here’s a shortlist of those who have caught our attention. By no means this list pretends to be complete, so: if you operate Down Under and would like a mention just drop us a line.

You cannot talk about Australia without mentioning Temando: with $56 million of funding, a global reach, the title of “Magento’s preferred global Premier Technology Partner for shipping and fulfilment” (+ “Magento Shipping powered by Temando”), 60.000 registered users and a wide set of options on display (Multi-Carrier Platform, Shipping Options Platform, Fulfillment Optimization), this ranks among the best platforms worldwide. And don’t forget their annual surveys and research: a true bounty of data.

Another interesting platform comes with the name Shippit. Founded in Sydney in May 2014 Shippit launched in February 2015 and now serves hundreds of Retailers, providing order management with multiple carriers and easy tracking, all in one suite.

MeeMeep describes itself like this: “an Australian startup company that began as Melbourne’s first crowdsourced delivery service. The aim? To connect people on the move with people with stuff to move. In doing so, we’ve built a platform where independent and commercial couriers could compete to deliver your stuff for you. (…) MeeMeep has recently made the move from a crowdsourced to a last-mile delivery platform (…)”.  

Moving on to the crowdsourced sector we find Sherpa, launched in March 2015, it “allows you to have anything delivered locally or request immediate pick-up of items and get them delivered within 2 hours. Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth”. It has four-hour and same-day options too.

GoPeople has: “Customers book their deliveries and pay via a web platform or smartphone app. A runner then bids for a job and the GoPeople system selects the most suitable runner, who then collects the consignment from the pick-up location and delivers it to the recipient. Runners keep 85 per cent of the winning bid price”. It raised $2 million last November.

Melbourne delivery tech start-up Passel, the youngest of the batch, will start operations this coming September and: “launch an innovative delivery platform in Australia that will offer same-day delivery for consumers and will source delivery operators from an on-demand network of locals.

Once consumers have completed a purchase, they are guaranteed delivery within three hours. The way the platform intends to honour this is through a network of on-demand couriers, individuals working in and near shopping centres.

The system will match those finishing work in and around shopping centres in the following period and heading in the same direction as the purchaser’s destination, essentially enabling people to help deliver items on their way home. In return for their efforts, the individuals will receive a $10 electronic gift card once the receipt is confirmed”. (Source “Logistics & Materials Handling”, full article here)

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