Kasanova and Milkman: in B2C service and product are the same thing

With your tracking we have relieved our customer care. It is as if we had outsourced the service, including marketing, because, in B2C, service and product are the same thing

Umberto Martino, Kasanova Supply Chain Manager, tells our blog the genesis and development of this Brand in fulminating and continuous ascent, his omni-channel commitment and how the partnership with Milkman has managed to satisfy the desire for speed and transparency of metropolitan customers.


“Kasanova is leader in the sale of household goods, with a very strong expansion registered in the last five years. It was born in the 1960s, thanks to Mrs. Giannina, mother of our President Mario Brambilla, who had opened wholesale cookware stores. At the turn of the millennium it started franchising and in recent years, as I was saying, it went from 30-40 stores to a national coverage of around 500 stores (50% in franchising and 50% ours). A strong and very rapid expansion, which required an equally fast logistics boost. Our B2c was born in 2016 in 1500mq warehouse and has become bigger and bigger. Now it occupies 5000mq inside a 42000mq hub, from which we’re going to serve all North-Italian shops and all national B2c oders”.


“We are among the first in Italy to offer a Web Assistant, which connects the online shopper in virtual reality with our Arcore store, which is near the HQ and from which various initiatives start. A saleswoman, who wears glasses with cameras, takes the customer virtually around the shop and shows in real time the items for which the he has expressed an interest. The same store handles the purchased goods and their shipment.”

“I arrived in Kasanova in 2018 and I asked myself what Kasanova and its clients’ real needs were. Customers demanded more and more speed & trackability and most of them live in big cities. Speed + big cities = Milkman. When you showed up, we realized that you would have given us just what we needed: a much faster service than the others in the city, offered with the added value of a much more granular delivery tracking than usual. When delivery is traced, even if it has problems, it is not viewed negatively by the customer, because he is aware of the point in the supply chain in which the problem has emerged and makes a reason for it. Being “in the dark”: that’s lived badly, even in the case of a delivery without problems. It is what prompts phone calls and emails: “did you ship it?”, “Where is it?”, etc. With your tracking we have relieved our customer care. It is as if we had outsourced the service, including marketing, because, in B2C, service and product are the same thing.”


“With Milkman the customer literally participates in the delivery. A very important option is the possibility of independently choosing the time slots, and I’m not talking about “morning” or “afternoon”, but of much more stringent time-windows, including evening and Saturday. Not forgetting free rescheduling of delivery, avaiable up to 5 minutes before. I have to tell the truth: I was very lockers-oriented but with you this need evaporated, because if I know exactly when the package arrives there is no need to go out and pick it up.”

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“From the future I expect the courier to become a partner of the Brand and the delivery to offer something that reflects the Brand’s business. I imagine a courier who arrives with a tablet and takes ten minutes to do some upselling, offering the recipient products similar to those he has already bought. This contact, the only one with the online shopper, is invaluable and no one is yet able to exploit it. As I pamper a customer inside the store, it must also be done in B2c, which grows every year at triple digits.”



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