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Entertaining deliveries for a leading media company

How a customer-centric partnership increased loyalty and satisfaction

Being in touch anytime, anywhere

A leading European media company in the telecommunications field decided to align with the frenetic progress of its sector. In this market consumer habits have undergone an unprecedented evolution, forcing players to review their operating model and create a focus around a “being in touch anytime, anywhere” perspective.

This same Brand once wrote: “We are part of the everyday life of millions across Europe. We entertain and connect by putting them in control of a best-in-class service”. Entertainment, technology, connectivity, and innovation: all keywords the Brand considered when looking for a logistical partner. That’s why the company chose to collaborate with Milkman Technology

The collaboration started by integrating time-definite deliveries for the Brand’s cable tv decoders. It required a reliable and customer-centric partner, who would accompany customers throughout the delivery phase with notifications and constant updates, with the goal of providing the same kind of entertainment to which customers are used to for all stages of the process.

Last-mile is a powerful driver of loyalty

Customers have enjoyed choosing the day and time of delivery. According to their reviews, knowing the estimated time of arrival early in the morning, through Milkman Tracking Page, which becomes more and more precise as the driver approaches his destination, has become one of the most popular features.

Milkman Tracking Page becomes an information hub, where every need can be solved without being forced to get in touch with the customer service.

74% of customers access the tracking page to follow deliveries updates
27% interact with it to modify and adjust information
26% change the delivery date
7% change delivery address
54% choose a time-definite delivery

Time-definite delivery is powered by the Milkman Flex Slots that calculates the widest range of demand-shaping Delivery Options, taking into consideration the residual Fleet Capacity and historical Density Patterns delivery.
Analyzing data, the Media Company positively remarked that this technology feature is definitively a powerful driver of loyalty, generating an increase of orders by 34%+.
Faithful customers are growing by 21%, purchasing multiple times, achieving an order increase of 1.2+ orders per year, compared to other market players customers with a more traditional delivery service.

As evidence of the success of the project, the Company is investing further by subsidizing some of the delivery fees, encouraging adoption of the time-definite service and consequently increasing the success of deliveries.

With 4.6 stars over 5 awarded by customers, the partnership proceeds at full speed and with mutual satisfaction, planning to add more metropolitan areas in the near future

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