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Milkman adds control to agility & flexibility for one of the biggest fashion brands in the world

In 2018 Milkman was approached by one of the top 3 largest fast fashion brands in the World. The company’s Italian branch was looking for a solution that could maximize their customers’ experience while keeping with the cost-saving philosophy that has been one of the contributing forces behind its ongoing exceptional success. 

The Brand’s value-chain has been built upon two foundations: Agility & Flexibility. Those foundations mean quickly adapting to new trends, successfully forecasting stock requirements, keeping moving to turn stock & offering new products speedily, and adapting to external factors. Its strategy is quite different from other fast fashion Retailers: it keeps lead times short, so it doesn’t have to commit to all of its stock in advance of each season. It becomes then possible to respond to sudden trend turns, influencing production as necessary. 

The test run for Milkman’s collaboration with this Retailer was made in Milan, Italy’s biggest market for online orders and our home town. Options like same-day delivery and time-windows were not initially contemplated. As Agility & Flexibility are words that Milkman often uses to describe itself, we also understood that they needed a service both elegant and economic and flexible and dynamic. 

A decision was soon made: of the three Cs of Milkman’s founding philosophy (Choice, Control, Convenience), we would focus on Control. Heightened control easily translates into two main benefits: lower cost to serve, as failed deliveries significantly drop, and higher customer loyalty, as recipients appreciate having their last-mile anxiety toned down by chance to follow real-time tracking and interact with the carrier about their ever-changing needs. 

The core of the experience, which starts post-order with the reception of an email from Milkman, is the Tracking Page, which is visited and interacted with by 49% of this Brand’s customers. Here the recipient finds the date of delivery and the default Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) updates, which get more precise during delivery-day until they pinpoint a 30-minute window (turning into a live map in the last 10). But there’s much more to it.  

Retailers tend to ask as few questions as possible during checkout, especially when it comes to addresses and their validation, so as not to delay the purchase. This usually results in many addresses coming-in wrong, in format or content. Our geocoding algorithms are robust enough to recognize and correct most anomalies. Still, if ambiguity remains, the platform evaluates it and, when necessary, blocks the shipment, automatically asking for the recipient’s help and saving wasted money and resources. 

People suffering from anxiety regarding the possibility of an unsuccessful delivery tend to contact customer service before having problems. Milkman allows them to secure their experience from the very start. 

They can change the date of their delivery (3.4%); change or refine the address (5.37%); insert further information; specify the working hours of their doorman/shop/office (a stunning 12.53%), see the name/photo of the driver, get photo proof of delivery or failure (a great trust booster) and leave a post-delivery rating. 

Every data, which generally would become knowledge of a single driver until he changes job, or route or newbies come in for peak, is recorded and anonymized by our platform and then shared with the fleet. By digitizing information, issues are often prevented. If everything the delivery fails, the customer finds an immediate call to action for scheduling the next try. 

All of this has brought this particular Brand to sport a mere 1.3% of claims out of the total of its orders during the long peak of November and December 2020. The Brand today uses Milkman’s platform to deliver its orders in 12 major Italian cities with further expansion plans. But, above all, it has proven to its competitors that “mass” doesn’t rhyme with cheap and that elegance is a choice, even in the last-mile. 

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