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Home delivery of coffee capsules

The customer’s pleasure 

In 2017 the World leader in coffee machines, capsules and coffee pods partnered with Milkman Technologies for creating an online delivery service in Milan. After only 3years, the partnership now covers 12 cities.

This Retailer is famous for its customer-centric and high-end approach to image and

business: Hollywood stars as testimonials; boutiques located side by side with the biggest names in fashion; well-trained personnel who will offer you a coffee as soon as you step in; tasting events and top-notch post-purchase assistance. 

Its taste for design seems to be naturally drawn towards Milkman’s approach for designing market-leading optimal delivery experiences. With the explosion of online shopping, the Retailer knew that it was crucial to offer the same “boutique” experience for its e-commerce. Its product, not being sold wholesale, needed to land to customers smoothly with speed and elegance.

Milkman platform and you don’t run out!

The Brand already offered free standard deliveries and a vast network of pick-up points, but it wanted to set a new goal for its eCommerce options: ensure same-day delivery replying to customer needs to refill their personal coffee stock as quickly as possible. From internal research, the Retailer knew that half of their customers ordered online just before their reserve ran out: a day lost would mean a customer looking for his coffee elsewhere.

Milkman Home Delivery Platform provided same-day, flexible time-slots with an innovative real-time tracking experience. This technology also allowed the Retailer to keep a constant interaction with the customer and ensure total control over ongoing orders, relieving the customer service of work overload.  

Same-day deliveries and flexible time-slots became the preferred option for about 20% of the Retailer’s online customers. Also, the Milkman tracking page positively impacted on reducing the number of failed deliveries offering the opportunity to effectively communicate with customers especially in case of a delivery reschedule. 

All these innovative features built the Retailer’s trust towards Milkman for implementing the technology platform for all standard anytime free deliveries across all territories.

Delivering convenience and freedom

Customers find great convenience in choosing the delivery day, scheduling coffee purchases well in advance. 40% of customers leverage the tracking page as the main communication channel to: 

  • 55% modify the delivery date to accommodate their personal agenda
  • 82% change time frame  
  • 26% provide a new delivery address
  • 10% communicate doorman schedule 

With Milkman Tracking Page, the Retailer could build its trust towards customers’ expectations and optimize logistics operations by:

  • providing the name and photo of the driver
  • pinpointing the access to buildings
  • following the van moving on the map
  • adding notes that are immediately displayed to the driver

Hitting the mark despite the pandemic

During the last month of 2020, among a worldwide emergency, Milkman became the strategic delivery partner for drastically reducing the number of claims and manage order peaks week over week.

With a 4.6/5 stars customer rating and 97%* of first-attempt successes, the plan to expand operations at the National level and possibly beyond proceeds at full speed and with mutual satisfaction.

* 95% industry average in the same period in the UK 

Source: IMRG Metapack UK Delivery Index – January 2020

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