Milkman Home-Delivery Platform: a driven last-mile experience

Milkman Home-Delivery Platform calculates the widest range of demand-shaping delivery options, offering customers the possibility to find the most convenient day/time in real-time on an order by order basis

Point of Sale Interaction

Milkman Flex Slots© for a superior consumer experience

Creating a positive experience always starts with setting expectations. This concept starts by letting consumers choose a delivery time as part of the purchase decision and the checkout process.

But different customers have different needs: 

  • some expedited delivery
  • some minimize the time window of an attended delivery
  • other care more about the delivery cost

Milkman Flex Slots© enable a dynamic set of time-slots options to support both customer convenience and cost savings.

Demand shaping and control of delivery costs

Defining a delivery time requires a balance between consumer expectations and logistical implications. 

By integrating the checkout process knowing:

  • last-mile costs
  • available capacity
  • existing and projected demand 

and combining it with flexible time-slots capabilities, brands can offer friendly logistical choices and find an optimal trade-off between customer experience and delivery cost.

Delivery Experience

Effective communication

Concerns regarding timely delivery will negatively impact the customer experience. 

Effective communication allows to: 

  • turn the waiting game into an opportunity to build trust and reduce the number of failed deliveries
  • share real-time updates, geo-location, driver’s photo
  • predict the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • offer the opportunity to reschedule the delivery

Deliver precision for the last millimeter

Milkman Technologies helps to:

  • digitize processes,
  • tackling delivery challenges,
  • transforming issues into opportunities, optimizing instruction

With this approach, logistics teams can keep track of their customers delivery preferences and unique needs, and provide drivers with detailed delivery instructions, improving the delivery experience continuously

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