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Leadership Team
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Antonio Perini
Co-Founder & CEO
Tommaso Baù
Co-Founder & COO
Francesco Bellomi
Co-Founder & CSO
Salvatore Tucci
Head of Product Mngmt
Eugenio Colla
Chief Financial Officer
The Milkman Story
From technology solutions to service organizations and back to technology solutions.  
The founders of Milkman Antonio Perini and Tommaso Baù came from the routing optimization and GPS technology industry.  Of course, routing and tracking are critical elements in the overall process of efficiently delivering goods or services, but the Founders they realized that these key modules were just a piece of the end-to-end process.
After immersing themselves in the routing optimization and tracking industries, they saw first-hand that there was a growing consumer demand for a better overall delivery process – balancing an efficient delivery operation with the increasing demands of delighting and interacting with the end customer by offering choice, convenience and control.
After successful technology company sales (Viamente to WorkWave and iTecs to Visirun (now Fleetmatics, owned by Verizon) Tommaso’s or other Founder’s Company), they decided to take on this next challenge and created a boutique delivery company in Italy - Milkman Service Delivery – to create a unique offering catering to both end-customers and product manufacturers.
Since there was no end-to-end software platform available for purchase in order to achieve this revolutionary delivery model, they needed to build one.  After more than a million deliveries on behalf of a myriad of international eCommerce, retailers and product manufacturers ranging from Amazon and Poste Italiane to Eataly, Nespresso and Zara, the Milkman Technology solution was born. It has been refined to a point that they have achieved that equilibrium of both making money as a delivery operation while delighting the customer.  However, make no mistake, the delivery game is not easy.  Milkman Service Delivery’s direct understanding of the various delivery processes associated with parcel, grocery and white glove delivery services acquired over the past five years has allowed them to build the best mouse trap on the market.  Milkman Service Delivery operations learned the trade through interacting with customers, carriers, fleet operators and merchants to deal with the same real-world issues that our technology customers face every day.  Warehouse and transportation operations issues such as back orders, time deadlines, over shipments, customer cancelations and perhaps just as important, understanding what is necessary to make delivery drivers motivated and successful; all blended together to ensure achievement of everyone’s goals.
This is the ultimate story of eating your own dog food, which occurs when an organization uses its own product. However, it’s now time to launch this complete suite of applications to the global market as a technology platform. The execution lessons learned first hand and the hundreds of man-hours associated with already developing this platform will allow other world class service organizations to improve their delivery processes by adopting this world-class delivery management solution.
Milkman Offers technology and expertise for designing optimal delivery experiences to logistics teams and organizations.

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