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Will Fashion survive quarantine?

15 billion euros in potential sells and thousands of shops and jobs lost. This is the inauspicious forecast made by Renato Borghi, President of the Italy-Confcommercio Fashion Federation, which prompted us to create our first fashion business case, which can be downloaded here.

E-commerce after COVID-19

In this scenario the limitations of the “old” mentality with which many Italian companies have faced the advent of e-commerce become even more limiting.

Kiko & Milkman: beautiful deliveries

Diego Morgandi, E-commerce Director of Kiko, tells our blog the story of the famous cosmetics brand and the needs that led him to choose Milkman as a partner for home deliveries.

Brexit. Schrödinger’s UK: closed but ‘open for business’

Among the sectors that will be hardest hit by the closing of that particular door will be retail and logistics. According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC), which represents the interests of the sector: “Retailers rely on complex supply chains and for these to function effectively must be able to access an adequate supply of workers.”

2020-2030: the dawn of a different retail?

In her new whitepaper: “Welcome to the 2020’s. Retail Predictions for the Next Decade”, Berg lists some important incoming trends. Let’s take a look at them, one by one, and share some of our thoughts.

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