3 parcel-tracking mobile apps to trust

3 app affidabili per il tracking dei pacchi

Navigating through the parcel-tracking mobile app landscape can be a treacherous business. There are, literally, hundreds of them: some barely working, some utterly abandoned after some botched update, others working only inside a certain geographical area, or with a too limited quantity of carriers.

It would be tedious, and aimless, to make a comprehensive list. Online shoppers, though, strongly feel the need to be informed about the status of their orders and online shops are slow to understand that they should be able to accompany their customers right to the end of the journey.

So: you buy online, have a number of parcels on the road and want to enjoy the possibility of tracking them, without visiting a bunch of different courier websites. What app should you use?

Italian startup Qaplà might be the runt of the litter but certainly has everything it takes to become a success. First of all its mobile app, QaplAPP, is just one of the two “souls” of the company.

Qaplà’s core business is about selling a B2B tracking platform to online shops that lets them take control of the last-mile, by aggregating multi-carrier (44 national and international couriers) tracking information, gathering of real-time info about shipments and direct customer communication (so important in an era where courier failure translates in retailer failure). It’s able to integrate with the three major marketplaces (Amazon, eBay and Italy’s ePrice) and with all major eCommerce Platforms.

QaplApp is a customer app that lets shoppers track their parcels by simply registering the email addresses (up to 5) used for signing in on online shops. If these shops are Quaplà’s clients the user will see an updated list of the parcels travelling to her home and receive push notifications and sms’ when the status changes or a problem occurs.

Deliveries Package Tracker is still one of the most rated apps in the category, strong as it is of a list of hundreds of natively supported couriers, from all over the world, including National Posts of 23 countries.

As the majority of this kind of apps, it works by inserting tracking codes (with auto-recognition of the courier), which is lengthier than e-mail addresses.

As far as notifications go the app offers push notifications for selected couriers. Some couriers have a Google Maps integration, there’s a tablet optimization and the possibility to synchronize data between different devices.

Aftership supports more than 200 different carriers worldwide. It’s possible to enter the tracking numbers manually and, if you’re sending instead of receiving, to use an integrated barcode reader to scan packages. Personal notes are supported as well as photos of packages, which is very handy.

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